Our People

  • Douwe Linders Partner
    T:  06 - 1091 8864 

    A sharp litigator specialized in intellectual property law, online copyright law in particular. Unique knowledge of privacy law and data security. Highly involved with his cases and clients. Very meticulous and fast on his feet, Douwe excels when asked to master unexplored legal terrain under high pressure.
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  • Anton Ekker Partner
    T:  06 - 4377 5335

    Advises and litigates on legal aspects of ICT, with a strong focus on privacy law. Easily grasps the most complex legal issues. A widely informed strategist with a sincere enthusiasm for technology. Anton combines an informal and pragmatic attitude with a sharp and analytic mind.
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  • Eva de Vries Partner
    T:  06 - 553 80 537

    A passionate lawyer specialized in privacy and data protection. Broad experience in intellectual property law. Creative and sharp litigator and advisor, who enjoys cracking and unraveling complex matters within her areas of expertise. Eva understands the question behind the question and has a great feel for diplomacy and political relations.
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  • Merle Hafkamp Lawyer
    T:  06 - 12 16 71 42

    A solution-oriented lawyer specializing in intellectual property law and ICT law. Vast experience in dealing with infringement cases and giving advice on (worldwide) protection of trademarks and design. Merle is analytically strong, quick on her feet and trusts her strong strategic intuition.

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  • Jacintha van Dorp Paralegal
    T: 06 - 28 50 77 31

    An enthusiastic and outstanding lawyer who gets to the bottom of information law issues. She has an excellent eye for detail, an inquisitive nature and is highly persistent. Above all, Jacintha has a passion for privacy, ICT and intellectual property law, subjects on which she provides support to our attorneys.

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