About Deikwijs Attorneys

Deikwijs Attorneys excels in litigation. We are at our best in the courtroom, and we will stop at nothing to win your case. By making skillful use of procedural law, based on in-depth knowledge of our areas of expertise and the social context. We have a strong background in the digital domain and we know every detail of intellectual property law, privacy law and ICT law.

We handle fundamental cases regarding privacy violations or online copyright infringements and represent clients in enforcement procedures by regulatory authorities such as the Data Protection Authority (AP) or the Consumer and Market Authority (ACM).

In addition, we advise clients on how to structure business models within the applicable legal frameworks and offer excellent contract work based on proven models.

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Our service is based on three core values: accessibility, integrity and flexibility. Always available for our clients, we deliver on our promises and keep an open mind for unorthodox solutions. Cooperation is essential. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, we always ensure that several lawyers are involved in a case. We  like to work in close cooperation with our clients. In order to provide useful results, we strive towards ‘on the floor’ knowledge of our clients’ organizations.

Deikwijs charges commercial rates suiting our specialized services. We are however always willing to tailor our services. We spend part of our time working pro bono in cases with a major importance for society. Whatever we agree, transparency is a given.

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