Rates and method

Deikwijs charges a standard hourly rate. However, if the case and the activities allow it, Deikwijs is always prepared to tailor the fee structure. Agreements can be made based on:

  • Discounted rates: for certain clients and in certain cases, Deikwijs is able to work at a reduced hourly rate.
  • Fixed fee: a fixed fee for clearly defined activities.
  • Capped fee: a maximum fee for clearly defined activities. Additional hours spent are at our expense. If less hours are spent, only those hours are charged.
  • Success fee: no cure no pay–agreements are not permitted in the Netherlands. However, Deikwijs can work at a highly reduced hourly rate in exchange for a proportional bonus for the achievement of a pre-determined positive result.

Fixed and capped fees can also be agreed for more complex cases such as court proceedings. In these cases, fixed fees will be allocated per component or phase.

Deikwijs does not charge office costs.

When entering into a client relationship agreements regarding our services and  terms and conditions are always made in writing. Specific agreements regarding new cases for existing clients can usually be discussed and concluded via email.

Office information

Deikwijs is registered as a law firm with the Dutch Bar Association (“Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten”) and is bound to the Dutch Counsel Act (“Advocatenwet”) and the behavioral code and regulations of the Dutch Bar Association. For more information, visit www.advocatenorde.nl. The areas of law in which Deikwijs practizes are described on the website and fall under the main areas of intellectual property, media, ICT, privacy, liability law and contract law.

Deikwijs is located at Panamalaan 8 A, 1019 AZ in Amsterdam, phone number +31 (0)20 2 614 614, fax nummer +31 (0)20 2 614 615. Deikwijs is  a Limited Liability Partnership registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 64312895. The VAT number is NL131630015B01.

The account number of the third party account held by Deikwijs is NL 82 INGB 0007123485.

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions apply to the services provided by Deikwijs. The general terms and conditions limit Deikwijs’s professional liability to the compensation under its liability insurance, which is € 1,000,000 per incident. The general terms and conditions also determine, among other things, that cases are governed by Dutch Law and that any disputes regarding the service will be settled by the Court of Amsterdam if they cannot be resolved through the Firm complaint policy.
Download the Terms & Conditions in PDF

Firm complaint policy

Are you dissatisfied with the service or the amount billed, despite the efforts made by Deikwijs? You can register your complaint using Deikwijs’s Firm complaint policy.
Download the Firm Complaint Policy in PDF.